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KOCHI: A week ago, actor Ahaana Krishna posted a status on her Instagram criticising the state government for announcing triple lockdown in the capital city. What followed was a flood of attacks — some even attacking her family members.

However, the actor came up with a strong reply to all those trolls and threats through a video — A love letter to Cyber Bullies — which she dedicated all those cyberbullies who, according to her, have no name, face, individuality and conscience.

Describing cyberbullying as a pandemic, the actor said they are posting vulgar and extremely disgusting comments in the name of ‘ponkala’ (as it is known among Malayalam social media circles). “This video is not my response to that particular incident of cyberbullying which I faced last week as I am not at all hurt by those nasty comments. I felt extremely sorry for all those people who post such nasty comments. Actually, through this video, I do not believe that I may be able to change the mindset of a cyberbully. Let us consider them as sick people and I would like to let them know that they are considered as a bunch of clowns or sick people,” said the actor in the video.

Ahaana, who debuted in Mollywood through ‘Njan Steve Lopez’, was trolled and cyberbullied last week for posting a status — “On Sunday the gold scam news broke out. On Monday a triple lockdown is announced” — with LOL emojis. She ended her video as a love letter to the cyberbullies and said, “If you abuse me for a post through dirty comments, it is not my character which is exposed, but your own. If you get 250 like for a nasty comment questioning the integrity of a person, Do not believe that you are a Kidilam “extraordinary” person. But it shows, other 250 cyberbullies are having similar mindset (sic),” she said.

Many film personalities, especially victims of recent cyberbullying incidents, have shared her video. The video was shared by actor Prithviraj Sukumaran. Ironically, he also received some harsh comments for sharing the video.

“Everybody has the right to react and criticise. We can be responsive, but should not bully anyone. We can post a comment on a person’s wall, argue with them, try to correct them. All these should be within the limits of civility. It is also not fair to circulate that post along with our added comment by sharing it to other groups with similar interests,” said social media analyst VK Adarsh.

He said Ahaana has faced the bullying bravely and did not stay away from responding to it. “That was a well-made video. Some people deal with cyberbullying in an amateurish manner. Here, she gave a reply in a professional manner, which is good,” he added.

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