#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | After massive backlash, Bloomsbury India withdraws publication of contentious book on Delhi riots

Author and poet Meena Kandasamy tweeted, “The literary world must take a stand. This is not about Cancel Culture. This is about defending literature from fascism. This is about standing up against religious divide, hate speech, Islamophobia and false history.”

Criticising the publication of the book, Leftword Books editor Sudhanva Deshpande stated “I’m asking Bloomsbury, as a leading publisher, to ask itself what editorial protocols permit such a book to be published in such a short time?” he said in a Facebook post. “Are you as publisher not responsible for at least elementary fact checking? Are you as publisher not culpable in playing a part in the architecture of terror being created and deployed by the State and non-State actors to punish the victims of violence, and those who stand up for them?” asked Deshpande.

“This book has blood on its hands. Bloomsbury, you can still salvage something here. Say you made a mistake and withdraw the book. Otherwise, really, your reputation is in the sewer,” added Deshpande.

Journalist and The Caravan’s political editor Hartosh Bal wrote, “Facebook changes standards in India to cater to the [Narendra] Modi govt, but this is way beyond, one of the main perpetrators of the violence against Muslims in Delhi is the guest of honour?”

Stanly John, who is a Bloomsbury India author, tweeted, “Protesting Bloomsbury India’s decision to publish a book on Delhi riots the launch of which would be attended by riots-accused Kapil Mishra and the fake news factory Opindia’s Nupur Sharma tomorrow. It’s a shame.”

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