#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Alexa Bliss Tells Followers To ‘Be Kind’ As Podcaster Receives Death Threats

The predictably messy fallout stemming from the tragic death of Hana Kimura—who lost a heartbreaking battle with cyberbullying—has turned into an all-out circus in the tension-filled world of professional wrestling.

Kimura’s passing quickly became one of the biggest stories of the year in pro wrestling. As a result, fans, media and WWE Superstars have been on high alert to snuff out bullies in what has mostly been a well-intended attempt to stop the behavior that results in unnecessary tragedies like Kimuira’s apparent suicide.

The problem with publicly calling somebody out for poor bedside manner, however—especially among public figures with large followings—is the ensuing cyberbullying that happens at the expense of an alleged bully.

This is exactly what has resulted as the wrestling world travels thousands of degrees away from Hana Kimura to clumsily speak out against bullying.

With tensions still high, WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss called out podcaster JDFromNY for past harsh comments he made about the top star. Alexa has 1.4 million followers. Charlotte Flair (1.7 million followers), Paige (2.5 million followers), Braun Strowman (601,500 followers) and Sonya Deville (362,600 followers) are among some of the very public figures who piggybacked on Bliss’ exasperated clap-back, eventually leading to a well-deserved apology from the controversial podcast host.

Given the lack of WWE Superstars cautioning their massive followings to heed the lessons that should have been learned just days ago, however, followers have recklessly attacked JD stemming from Bliss’ tweet. Fans lashing out at JDFromNY206 mirrors the very behavior he has been accused of, and possibly even worse.

JDFromNY206 has since shared disturbing DMs from his new detractors, and is now alleging fans have obtained his parent’s phone number and have been making threatening phone calls (Warning: One tweet below has been marked NSFW).

Bliss has responded, somewhat, to the ongoing controversy with the following inadequate and veiled tweet:

The tweet, while a perfectly harmless message, did not seem to do enough to put this suddenly disturbing scandal to bed. In fact, it only emboldened many of JD’s followers to call out Alexa Bliss for failing to control her own followers, thereby continuing the viscous cycle of social media bullying.

Disappointing as it may be, few in wrestling seem to have learned anything from the events that led to Hana Kimura’s passing except how to make this about themselves.

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