#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Amid row over WSJ report, top Facebook executive alleges threat to life, files FIR  

49-year-old Das, a resident of a posh South Delhi area, seen as one of the very influential MNC executives in Lutyens’ Delhi, has said in her FIR, “Since the evening of 14 August 2020, I have been receiving violent threats to my life and body, and I am extremely disturbed by the relentless harassment meted out to me by the accused persons. The content, which even includes my photograph is evidently threatening to my life and body and I fear for my safety as well as that of my family members. The content also maligns my reputation based on a news article and I am subjected to name-calling, cyberbullying and eve-teasing online.”

Das, who is Director of Public Policy at Facebook, has hinted that several people, aligning with a particular political party have targeted her following the article published in WSJ. The FIR says, “Accused persons have intentionally vilified me due to their political affiliations and are now engaging in online and offline abuse, subjecting me to criminal intimidation and making sexually coloured remarks. Facts further reveal that the imputation in the posts by the accused have been made to harm my reputation and defame me. Since my pictures and particulars are being shared publicly by the perpetrators, I am under constant fear and threat, especially being a woman.”

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