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Although this school year will look a little different, there are steps you can take to get the school year off to a healthy start! Make sure your family is ready to head back to school in shape.

Tips for Finding a Doctor:
– Ask for a referral. If you have a general practitioner and are looking for a specialist or a pediatrician for your child, call your doctor and ask for a referral. 

– Ask a friend. Get a recommendation from someone that you know and trust. They may also know a doctor in the area. 

– Check with your insurance. As you are looking for doctors try to someone who fits in with your insurance plan. 

For more tips on how to find a doctor click here – The NYC Department of Health

CDC COVID-19 Guidance for Schools and Childcare Programs:
Information at CDC.gov
8 changes you can expect when schools reopen this fall across the tri-state
15 guidelines you can expect child care programs to follow when caring for your little one

Vaccine Information at CDC.gov

Recommended Immunization Schedules at HealthyChildren.org
Birth to 6-years-old
7 to 17-years-old

CDC guidance on masks
11 things to consider if your school is requiring the use of masks
Guide of 4 masks for children

Search for a doctor in New York
More Information

Search for a doctor in New Jersey
More Information

Search for a doctor in Connecticut
More Information

Info on back-to-school checkups at HealthyChildren.org
Return to school during COVID-19 guidance from HealthyChildren.org

Sports Physicals and Concussion Baseline Testing:
Sports Physicals Info at CDC.gov
CDC’s HEADS UP Concussion Information Program
Heat-Related Illness Tips for Athletes from Hopkinsmedicine.org
All about dental mouthguards

Eye Exams:
Healthy Vision Info

Dental Health
Back-to-School Exams from the American Dental Association
Brushing Calendar

Emergency Contact Info:
Print a Pre-made Emergency Card
Have a Plan – Be Prepared – CDC.gov

Medications/Medical Conditions:
Administering Medication at School – HealthyChildren.org
Tips on Safely Storing Medicines

Asthma and Allergies 
American Academy Allergy Asthma and Immunology Website
Finding an allergist
Create an Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan – HealthyChildren.org

Diet/Exercise Routine:
Child Nutrition – NYS Education Department
Nutrition, Physical Health and Obesity info for youths
More back-to-school lunch recipes from HealthyChildren.org

Sleep guidelines:
School sleep health info at CDC.gov

Mental Health
Supporting Children’s Behavioral Health – CDC.gov
Search for a therapist, psychologist or social worker in New York
Anxiety and Depression in children – Get the Facts from CDC.gov
Mental Health Tips Among Young Children
Mental Health Tips Among Teens

Cyberbullying Information at HealthyChildren.org
Identifying Cyberbullying at StopBullying.org
Bullying Prevention

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