#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Brentwood woman charged with sending hundreds of ‘malicious, deceptive, and abusive’ in cyberstalking campaign against high schoolers

SAN FRANCISCO — A Brentwood woman has been arrested and charged with cyberstalking and harassing teen boys over a three-year period, apparently to get back at them after their failed relationships with an uncharged co-conspirator.

Ramajana Hidic Demirovic, 46, was indicted April 1 by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy and cyberstalking, prosecutors announced Tuesday. Authorities aren’t saying what relationship Demirovic has with the uncharged co-conspirator whose failed relationships were allegedly the influence behind the crimes, and the charging records keep that person anonymous.

But authorities allege Demirovic was so angry at the boys — listed in court records as Victims A-C — she sent them death threats, made up false allegations accusing them of rape and other crimes, and cyberbullied them with insults like “pig” and “dwarf,” or by making light of their parents’ divorce. She is also accused of threatening or harassing some of the victims’ parents.

Her goal was “sabotaging their personal relationships, social reputation, academic life, and work prospects,” the indictment alleges. And prosecutors say she succeeded; one of the victims, who was 14 at the time, became depressed and anxious after Demirovic allegedly arrived at his high school in 2016, asked where to find him, and screamed that she would “rip your f—ing heart out.”

“He began skipping field trips and singing classes when he knew that Demirovic might be present,” the indictment says. “He sought therapeutic help. His grades slipped so far that his parents considered withdrawing him from school.”

Later that year, Demirovic and the “co-conspirator” allegedly sent messages and left comments on a second boy’s Instagram, making fun of his parents’ divorce and adding, “What a sad piece of (expletive) you are, according to the indictent. Another message allegedly said, “do you cry every night because your daddy didn’t want you.”

Two years later, prosecutors allege Demirovic and the other person embarked on a 10-month cyberbullying campaign that grew so severe the boy’s high school’s security was alerted to the problem. This included Instagram posts referring to the victim’s new girlfriend as a “cow” and a “dwarf,” and creating a fake account impersonating the victim, which then sent solicitations and inappropriate remarks to at least 21 women, the indictment says.

Demirovic, a San Francisco resident at the time of the alleged crimes, was released on bond at her first court appearance Monday morning, prosecutors said. She is scheduled to be arraigned April 27.

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