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The Facebook page had Allie Pfeiffer’s name, her birth date and the schools she went to, but it was not her page. The profile itself was nasty and insulting. The profile photo was of a cow. The information posted mocked her weight and said she could not read.

On Wednesday morning Pfeiffer, a University of Hartford student who grew up in Bristol, shared the story on the Today Show of what happened to her and how she found back.

Unlike many cases of cyber bullying, police have made two arrests in this case, all because Allie refused to be a victim, did her own sleuthing to help police find two teenage suspects.

“I gave myself one day to cry after I found out about it and I decided I have to work for myself from here on out. My mission is to help other teens. I want to help anyone I can,” she told the Today Show.

So, Allie turned up online fingerprints and brought clues to police who arrested two of Allie’s former high school classmates.

Jeffrey Martone, 19, and Sarah Johnson, 18,  were charged with criminal impersonation, harassment and conspiracy charges.

The excuse they gave, Allie said. “Is that they were bored and they wanted to see my humiliation.”

Jeffrey’s attorney told the Today Show his client is remorseful and sorry for the entire incident and apologized to Ally. we also called the attorney for the other teenager involved and we have not heard back.

Allie said she accepted the apology, but with a caveat.

“It’s good to hear that he apologizes, but I’m not 100 percent sure how true it is. It’s not really about them anymore, it’s about how I’m handling myself now,” she said.

Allie said she is sharing her story to help other people.

“If I help one teen, I will feel — if I make one bully think twice before bullying, I would feel 100 percent better,” Allie said.

Both suspects are due in court on Dec. 23. http://www.jud2.ct.gov/crdockets/CaseDetail.aspx?source=Pending&Key=21688886-6c1d-48b4-ae13-9232e84b3ee1

And Facebook has launched it’s own investigation.

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