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PORTLAND, Ore., June 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After a year with social distancing, online schooling and video meeting fatigue, screen time has skyrocketed by 500% and parents everywhere are looking forward to getting their kids off screens and back into the great outdoors this summer. To create this Screen-Free Summer, Circle, the #1 comprehensive screen time management solution, has partnered with Ginny Yurich, the mom behind 1000 Hours Outside, a global movement designed to get kids off devices and outside in nature, to provide tips and resources to help change kids’ habits post-pandemic. Parents and kids can find ideas for fun ways to spend more time outside on Circle’s blog and head to the 1000 Hours Outside website to take the pledge and buy Ginny’s new book, “1000 Hours Outside Activity Book, Low Tech Nature Activities in a High Tech World.”

Current statistics show the average child only gets 4-7 minutes of outdoor free play every day – however, outside unstructured play leads to lifelong benefits in every facet of child development. By contrast, increased screen time has been linked to greater anxiety, depression, cyberbullying and obesity for kids.

“I think that the most damaging part of increased screen time for kids has been that they haven’t spent time doing other more balanced activities,” says Dr. David Greenfield, Clinical Psychologist, Medical Director, Center for Internet & Technology Addiction. “That could be real-time social contact, physical activity and exercise, and largely being outdoors.”

“Outside time is critical for children’s development,” says Yurich, mom of five and founder of 1000 Hours Outside, a movement that has over 250K posts on social media from families sharing their screen-free adventures. “For example, complex movements across uneven terrain outdoors helps a child’s brain neurons process faster. The slight stretch and pull on tendons and ligaments helps children avoid injury, both in the near term and the long term. Time in nature helps children manage emotions. And finally, because kids are intrinsically motivated to play, unstructured time outside with other children, greatly helps with the enhancement of social skills.”

To help get kids outside this summer, Circle has partnered with fan-favorite summer brands like Nalgene water bottles, PATCH eco-friendly bamboo bandages, and Annie’s Homegrown organic snacks to give away Screen-Free Summer Essential Packs. One lucky winner will receive a bike of their choice from Guardian Bikes, a kids’ bike brand specializing in safety and building confident bike riders. With kid-specific geometry, lightweight frames, a low center of gravity, and a single lever brake system, SureStop, Guardian Bikes give kids more control and confidence from that very first pedal. Full giveaway details can be found on Circle’s Instagram.

In addition to resources for getting kids off screens this summer, Circle’s blog is full of tips and tricks on how to set limits on devices and keep kids safe online—through productive conversations and using Circle Parental Controls.

Circle’s features, including content filters, time limits, Pause the Internet®, device bedtimes and app blocking, make limiting screen time and getting kids outside easier this summer. Keep kids safe online with Circle, the most complete screen time management solution for your family.

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