#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Europe adopts laws to stop abusive online posts

Japan plans to crack down on cyber-bullying after a reality show star who received hundreds of abusive messages on social media apparently took her own life.
Some European countries have legislation to oblige social media platform operators to delete harmful content.
A German law introduced two years ago requires operators with more than two million users to remove messages that are deemed to be threats or illegal within 24 hours after they learned of such posts.
They can extend the deadline to seven days if it takes time to determine whether the content is illegal.
Violators face fines of up to 50 million euros, or about 55 million dollars.
The law has raised questions about letting private companies decide which content is illegal. There are also concerns over government surveillance.
France passed a law this month to oblige platform operators to delete discriminatory, violent or offensive posts within 24 hours after they are alerted.
The maximum fines for operators who fail to comply with the regulations are 1.25 million euros, or 1.4 million dollars.

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