#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Exclusive! Vinay Anand on Rani Chatterjee filing a case against the cyber bully: Anyone who brings a person to the point of suicide should be behind bars | Bhojpuri Movie News

A few days back, Bhojpuri actress Rani Chatterjee revealed that she had been under depression for a few years as a particular man had been bullying her on social media for a while. After Sushant Singh Rajput’s desmise, Rani expressed about her battle with depression and later even spoke out about the man who had been allegedly bullying her. Recently, the actress lodged a police complaint against the 60-year-old man for cyber bullying and now actor Vinay Anand has come out in support of his co-star. Vinay exclusively expressed his anger over the issue while speaking to ETimes.

Vinay Anand, who has worked with Rani in several projects, expressed his anger and said that the person should be punished. Speaking directly to the alleged cyber bully, the actor stated, “Whoever it may be, it doesn’t matter how old you are and if you thinking your age will work in your favour, then you are wrong. Abusing any woman or bullying anyone is wrong. You don’t have any rights to say wrong things about a lady who goes out to work and also takes care of her family. A company should remove that person who is using such bad words. You don’t have the rights to say anything wrong about Rani because even your wife will not listen to such bad words that you are using for her on social media.”

He added, “I am not supporting an individual, I am with the right person. If Rani would have done something wrong, then I would have told her that this was wrong. But, she has not done anything wrong even after that person writing bad words on her profile every day. The person must remember that he may escape the police but not God’s punishment. Such people are mentally ill and they need treatment. Rani Chatterjee took the right step and didn’t choose suicide. Anyone who brings a person to the point of suicide should be behind bars.”

A few days back, Vinay also shared an adorable selfie with Rani to support her and praised her work. He captioned the post, “Rani humari Achi dost hai , humne Kai filmein Rani ke sath ki , kaam mein superb , vyavaar mein bhi Achi Hain , humari wife ki bahut Achi Mitra Hain, hum Dekh rahe Hain Kutch log galat comment Kar rahe Hain , Kutch log milker ek naari ko pareshan Kar rahe Hain , aap ko batadoon Rani akele Nahi hum use ke sath Hain , sirf utna kehna chahoonga Kisi bhi naari ko galat likhker tang Karna kanoonan jurm hai agar kanoon se Bach bhi Gaye fake id banakar , Kisi ka Dil dukhkar Jo paap aise log Kar rahe Hain , unhe kya milega ? Apne karmon par nazar rakhein , ishwar , Allah ya god jise bhi mante Hain unse dare , Rani khud bahut strong hai , Rani ne action lekar bahut Acha Kiya , respect every girl & women , full support to @ranichatterjeeofficial Rani ne Apne liye Apne parivaar ke liye bahut mehnat Kiya aur aaj itni badi star ban gayi , god bless you @ranichatterjeeofficial, Rani mummy ki Mera pyar dena”.Earlier during the lockdown, Anand and Rani treated their fans to an entertaining song ‘Apan Goan Dikhadaa’ which received a great response from the audience.

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