#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Gauahar Khan slams Bigg Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz’ fans for cyber bullying; threatens to file police complaint in tweets

Former Bigg Boss contestant and actress Gauahar Khan has always watched the controversial reality show closely, and never shied away from expressing her opinions. But with fandoms of the contestants actively defending their idols on social media, we can’t help but notice a sea of hate comments and bullying between fanclubs. The most recent one is between Shakti actor Simba Nagpal and general surgeon/Asim Riaz’s brother, Umar Riaz. As usual, Gauahar tweeted her opinion about their recent brawl, but the actress was taken aback witnessing how low Umar’s fans can stoop to prove their point.

It all started when Umar used profane language against Simba Nagpal’s mother. Not being able to tolerate the obscene words against his mother, an annoyed Simba was seen pushing Umar into the swimming pool. But it didn’t end there. An angry Umar was then seen provoking Simba, and then went onto demeaning the entire actors’ fraternity by saying ‘Daily Soap ka Hero bataayega meri auda kya hai’ while praising doctors. This comment offended many including Jay Bhanushali who stood up for actors. Umar’s comment aggravated many actors including Gauahar Khan who took to her Twitter to write, ‘Daily Soap Ka Hero??????? Wow Umar ! #bb15 #disgusting’

While this tweet gained a lot of appreciation for standing up for actors, it didn’t go down well with Umar’s fans. Many fans were seen cussing the actress and using obscene language. In a following tweet, the actress said ‘You only support your own kind’; pointing at Umar’s obscene behavior on the show lately. The actress even called Umar’s fans irrational and illogical.

She wrote, ‘But what they are doing is bullying n I can report them to the police , each id will be investigated, they really think they can get away with it . Hence it needs to stop ! #NoCyberBullying’

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