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Education Secretary Gavin Williamson launches programme to tackle behaviour in schools

Yesterday, Newsround reported that England’s Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson, wants to tackle “out-of-control behaviour” in schools and says lockdown has impacted on children’s “discipline and order”.

Mr. Williamson is in charge of schools and the government’s education policies in England and runs the Deparment for Education.

The department is planning to set up a new “behaviour hub” programme to help children with behaviour, operating in time for the summer term. The government says they will provide the scheme with £10 million to get set up and help schools try ideas.

Mr Williamson also wants to ban mobile phones in schools and believes they distract students from “exercise and good old-fashioned play” and also contribute to cyber bullying and the inappropriate use of social media.

But not everyone agrees with his comments.

The National Education Union (NEU), the group that represents teachers and schools, told Newsround that teachers do understand the importance of reminding children about good behaviour.

But they believe the links between mental health and a high-pressure curriculum are the biggest factors when it comes to behaviour, and that the government should address these issues first.

Here’s what some of you had to say about Gavin Williamson’s comments

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