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Artiste Jayaraj Warrier’s daughter, singer – actress Indulekha Warrier has brought out a rap song about cyber bullying.

In the track, that is titled ‘Poymukhangal,’ she describes the cyber bullying behavioriour as that of those without faces, and their words as those that aren’t thought-through well enough. She also calls out those who share such ‘trolling’ posts as the ones without anything good enough to do.

Indulekha captions the song thus: This song addresses the dark side of our cyber-world, where bullies and fake accounts rule the roost. Their presence is making the cyberspace increasingly dangerous, where anyone can be an easy target of attack, irrespecive of their age, gender, profession etc. This is a humble effort to urge all of us to call out those who are perpetrating this violence and to stand united in this continuous battle. (sic)

The music of the video is produced by Edwin Johnson and its SFX is by Jithin David. The song’s video is by Neshin Nelson and the artiste has also given special thanks to her dad Jayaraj Warrier and husband Anand Achuthankutty for the video.

A few months ago, she had also brought out a track titled ‘Pen Rap,’ which was about the strength of women and how they can be independent. The singer made the debut in the year 2014, through the song ‘Eeran Kannilo’ for the Jayasurya – starrer movie ‘Apothicarry.’ She was also part of a musical reality show in the year 2015. After that, she had sung a song in Tamil, composed by Vidyasagar, for the film ‘Uchathila Siva.’ She had also sung in the Ansuree-starrer film ‘Autorsha’ a while ago.

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