#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Instagram being investigated over handling of children’s data

The European Union is looking into how Instagram has used personal data belonging to children.

The investigation is led by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner (DPC) and is due to complaints that Instagram made contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, publicly visible for people who had chosen a business account.

In February 2019, it is estimated that at least 60 million users under the age of 18 were given the option to easily change their profiles into business accounts.

Instagram business accounts require users to display their phone numbers and email addresses publicly, meaning that personal data belonging to many users is visible publicly.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, who could face a large fine if the social media app is found to have broken privacy laws.

The DPC is responsible for protecting people’s right to online privacy, and has the power to issue large fines.

Some people think it’s another example of social media companies not taking the responsibility of protecting their young users seriously.

Facebook said it rejected the claims but was cooperating with the investigation.

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