#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Kiran Raj faces cyber bullying

Actor Kiran Raj who is playing the role of Harsha in the serial Kannadathi is facing a trouble from unknown miscreants. On his birthday, the actor made his own website public on socil media domain to help the needy, but the actor has been getting unsavory comments.

The actor on his social media page posted, “Hi, Things have gotten out of hand, and I had to put this up today so that you don’t fall victim to fake profiles. As you all know, I have been working towards helping people during the lockdown. I had even put up my number for people to get in touch for help. But, some people are misusing that.

There have been multiple fake profiles created in my name on social media with my number on it. Also, it has been created on dating app. Please do not follow any account in my name that is not verified. The number I had put up to help people is being called multiple times and the words used are extremely vulgar. They have been demanding 2 lakhs to keep quiet or they say they will tarnish my image.

A request to the authorities to please put an end to this, and help people not fall to such vicious acts. I, also request my media fraternity to please help circulate this and stop the cyber bullying and impersonation of me in any platform.

A warning to those who have been indulging in it, I have been holding my patience for it would snowball into a huge issue demanding large amounts of time. My patience shouldn’t be treated as my weakness. Stop indulging in such acts or strict action will be taken according to the law.”

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