#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Kiran Raj: I’m sure this will be a lesson to all those who create fake profiles of celebs, says actor Kiran Raj

Kiran Raj, who is one of the most popular actors in the entertainment industry, had recently lodged a complaint with the Bangalore cybercrime owing to cyberbullying.

The actor has now resolved the issue and speaking exclusively with ETimes TV, Kiran shares how he was able to hit back at the miscreant who was held behind cyberbullying with the help of the cybercrime team.

“The Bangalore cybercrime team immediately responded to my post on Instagram and suggested me to lodge a complaint against the culprit. Soon after the complaint was lodged, the culprit was traced under the supervision of Superintendent of Police M D Sharat of cybercrime, CID Karnataka, and his staff namely Shivkumar SK, Munirathnam G, and Srinatha Reddy. It was very easy for the team to search for the whereabouts of the culprit.” shares Kiran.

He further adds saying “Just when I was clueless about the next step, my advocate Arun Shyam was there with me throughout and made sure strict action was taken against the culprit.”

However, Kiran concludes saying, “Finally, I am quite impressed with the cyber crime department and thankful that the issue got solved at the root level itself. I am sure this incident will be a lesson to all those who have been creating fake profiles of celebs for their own good.”

For the uninitiated, Kiran Raj had recently shared an update on his Instagram handle that he was facing trouble from unknown miscreants from his social media pages. During the earlier lockdown, Kiranraj had shared his number for people to reach out for any help, but miscreants have taken the number threatening to defame him.

Although Kiran had issued a warning ticket to the miscreant, strict action was taken against the culprit immediately with the help of the Bangalore cyber crime department.

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