#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Kool Korea by hashtag #2: ‘Ordinary models’

For sure. But it is now also feasible to say with equal accuracy: ‘Throw a rock in Seoul and you’ll hit a model.”

Millennial South Korea famously – or infamously – boasts some of the world’s most skilled and widely patronized plastic surgeons and is home to a surging cosmetics industry. In a society known for its ferocious competition, looks have become the latest spec to upgrade as part of one’s personal portfolio.

As a result, Seoul has an advanced baseline of beauty. Millions of Everywomen are capable make-up artists and stylists, and armed with one of the world’s highest adoption rates of digital devices, and surfing one of the world’s finest digital backbones, are equally adept online publicists.

Here in Beautyland, everybody wants to be a model, it seems. And the skillsets deployed by this legion of self-made fashionistas go far, far beyond those required for even the fanciest selfie.

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