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MIDLAND, Mich. — In a bid to distinguish herself alongside her political opponents, G.O.P. sheriff candidate Laura Lee has come under fire for the creative descriptions of her current position and experience. Ms. Lee has drawn particular ire from some insiders within the law enforcement community for continuing to maintain that she is a “law enforcement officer.”

Laura Lee

A majority of the neutral law enforcement officials who spoke with the City Paper about Ms. Lee’s language concluded that using the term ‘law enforcement officer’ to describe her position and experience is inappropriate.

Ms. Lee is a former corrections officer. Her current job title within the Sheriff’s Office is Records Clerk/Typist, a title her campaign strenuously avoids, instead using the title Administrative Professional Deputy. In campaign materials and in the League of Women Voters guide, Ms. Lee uses the term ‘Corrections Officer’ without clarifying that she no longer works as a corrections officer.

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