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I have concerns about Madison Gonzalez running for South Windsor Board of Education.

I am a mental health professional who has worked with children and families for over a decade. I specialize in treatment of trauma.

I have apprehension about a person with Gonzalez’s judgment being in a position of such responsibility.

Gonzalez, directly and through the organization she led, listed names of people, including minors in the South Windsor school district, she believed to be racist without concern of consequences of her actions, which in turn directed harassment to them and their families.

Let me be clear: I don’t condone racist language. However, Gonzalez is running for a position that requires temperance and discretion. Regardless of what Gonzalez believed, posting the names of these individuals shows she does not display the judgment needed to be in a position that affects all in our schools. Can we trust her with school safety or confidential information?

We teach students to stand up to bullying. Imagine a council or board member releasing the name of a minor and declaring them racist. This is cyberbullying and it would be a reality the moment she is sworn in. Do not vote for Gonzalez.

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