#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | ‘Married at First Sight’: Chris Collette Cyber Bullied?

Married at First Sight celeb Chris Collette (Alyssa Ellman’s new husband) has been waiting for the airing of the Lifetime show. He’s been excited about it. However, MAFS fans don’t think he anticipated the amount of cyber-bullying that can go on.

Married at First Sight: Chris Collette Hints at Cyberbullying

Chris from Married at First Sight recently had a birthday. He was out with his friends, but he refused to smile for the camera. His friends poked at him and told him to smile so they could put him online.

Chris Collette said he couldn’t smile because the internet told him not to smile. His new Married at First Sight bride, Alyssa Ellman, said she couldn’t deal with crooked teeth. In fact, she thought that was a dealbreaker.

The previews also showed her getting up and walking away from him. But, some people wonder if all of this could be really confusing editing. Whatever the case, people jumped on the hate train and told Chris not to smile because he had crooked teeth.

MAFS: Chris ‘Looks Like a Realtor’

Chris Collette is a realtor, and his new Married at First Sight wife said that he “looks like a realtor.” It didn’t seem like that was a positive thing in her book. Not all fans are on the hate train for Chris’ teeth, though.

Alyssa’s comments gained her a whole load of hate as well. People said she thought Chris Collette would have to deal with “this season’s Myrla Feria.” Others said they didn’t know what Alyssa Ellman thought was “country,” but what she wanted wasn’t it.

Many people said they felt bad for Chris because they didn’t think Alyssa was honest with the experts. Many Married at First Sight watchers said they thought she wasn’t honest with herself. All Chris wanted was someone to grow old with and be good to, Soap Dirt remembered.

Married at First Sight: Preparing for a Rough Season

Despite Chris’ excitement for the season, viewers think he should prepare for a rough one. Not everyone thinks his real estate work and vision board is something to admire. Even Dr. Pepper mentioned on Married at First Sight that it was the first time she’d seen a man with a dream board.

After the previews from the show, everyone said it seemed like he would be the one they threw under the bus. Some viewers even thought that it might be a Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner type situation. Jamie cried when she saw Doug on season one of Married at First Sight. But, she has since learned to love his look.

Married at First Sight: Chris Collette - Alyssa Ellman

Even with all of this negativity around Chris, it doesn’t seem like he let it get to him. He continues to work his real estate business. And he even makes jokes about the people on the internet, forcing him not to smile.

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