#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Mumbai tops cybercrime frauds in 2019, Bengaluru ranks 2nd: National Crime Records Bureau – mumbai news

Mumbai recorded the maximum number of cyber crime cases after Bengaluru in 2019, shows the National Crime Records Bureau data (NCRB).

Bengaluru recorded 10,555 cases in 2019, while Mumbai saw a steep rise in cyber crime cases in 2019 with 2,527 cases being registered, reported the NCRB. Mumbai had recorded 1,362 cybercrime cases in 2017 and it had marginally increased to 1,482 in 2018, data showed.

Mumbai had 146 cases of cyber stalking and bullying, 28 data thefts, 154 sexual exploitation cases, 15 cyber blackmailings, 100 credit/debit card frauds, 276 ATM frauds, 248 online banking frauds, 37 OTP frauds and 26 forgery cases, it said.

Although the cases in Mumbai exceed 2,527, experts believe that the number should be much more but the complaints filed by the victims do not get converted into FIRs. According to advocate Vicky Shah, in the past five months, he has received over 50 calls from people who have lost money due to cyber crime but only 2 of these 50 have been able to convert into FIRs.

“Cyber criminals are extremely innovative and although the police, RBI and the bank’s spread awareness, these fraudsters invent new ways to rob people online as it is the easiest way to commit crime,” said Shah.

Maharashtra also recorded a rise in cyber crime compared to 2017 and 2018. Although the cases decreased from 3,604 cases in 2017 to 3,511 in 2018, the number of cyber crimes shot up to 4,967 in 2019.

The NCRB shows that cyber crime cases were maximum in Karnataka with 12,020 cases being registered followed by Uttar Pradesh 11,416 and Maharashtra with 4967 cases.

Of the 4967 cases, 1698 cases were of ATM, online banking and OTP fraud, while 409 cases registered were those of cyber stalking and bullying of women and children.

According to the NCRB statistics, defrauding people was the motive behind 3,551 of the 4,967 cases registered.

When contacted, Balsing Rajput, superintendent of police, Maharashtra cyber police, said, “The reason for rise in numbers in Maharashtra is due to the increasing number of people using mobile phones and making online transactions as Maharashtra is a commercial hub.”

Rajput further said that they have been conducting awareness campaigns, “In lockdown specially we have conducted campaigns on fake news and hate speeches and we regularly make sure to generate awareness among women and youngsters as they are the main targets of cyber bullies and criminals. We have also made audio and visual campaigns which are shown in theatres and put on hoardings to alert people about cybercrime and how to prevent it,” added Rajput.

A senior police officer said, “We are in a continuous process of training officers with the changing trends of committing online crimes. There is a cyber-lab and a cyber-police station in all districts fully equipped to register and investigate these crimes.”

Cyber experts believe that online crimes are committed as people are impatient and do not read the entire message, “People get confused between collecting money and receiving money which the cyber fraudsters take advantage of. Another method is payment by links which is now frequently being used by criminals to confuse the users,” added Shah.

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