#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | New Instagram Tools to Help Combat Cyberbullying

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Meta recently announced the release of new tools and resources designed to help create a more positive online environment on social media. These tools are available for all Instagram users as of October 2022 and have become default features for all Creator accounts who tend to have more followers and engagement. 

 New features include:

·        Kindness Reminder: People interacting with Instagram creators will receive nudges to encourage more people to take a moment to pause and reflect before submitting a comment or message.

·        Improving Ability to Block: Now, when you block someone, users and Creators have the option to block other accounts the offending account may be linked to, making it more difficult for them to interact with you ever again on Instagram.

·        See No Harm: The Hidden Words tool allows users to automatically hide messages or comments that contain words they have banned. Instagram is testing automatically turning on Hidden Words for people who use a Creator account. Meta has also made improvements to Hidden Words that protect people from seeing scam-like messaging or offensive replies to Stories. This helps filter and catch intentional misspellings of offensive terms.

Meta is continuing to roll out tools and resources that help combat cyberbullying and foster a respectful online community.  


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