#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Parents rally for a choice to send kids back to school, saying online class ‘isn’t sufficient’

Hundreds of educators, parents and their children took their message to the Arizona State Capitol Monday, Aug. 10, to say they want schools to reopen despite the continuous spread of COVID-19.

“We want a choice for in-person learning,” said mother of four, Brittny Smith, adding, “Who is overseeing their education? Who is making sure that cyberbullies aren’t attacking them or getting hacked in Google meetings like we have seen in other districts? It’s a scary world to let the computer babysit and teach your child.”

Rachelle Liddle says her kids don’t do well with computers, so for them, online learning is not an option.

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“Take out the academic piece and give it to us through the screens and unfortunately for my children, even that isn’t sufficient. Mostly because they’re not computer literate yet. They’re just third and first graders and their school didn’t do computers,” Liddle explained.

Organizers also want to recall district governing board members that vote to keep schools closed.

“It’s a very challenging situation that we are in and we have to think about all the kids in the state not just the ones that have parents at home with them that can oversee their education,” Smith said.

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