#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Piute County Commissioner compares governor to Hitler after mask order in other counties

A Piute County Commissioner compared Gov. Gary Herbert to Adolf Hitler after the governor allowed two Utah counties to implement mask mandates for their citizens after a spike in COVID-19 cases.

Commissioner Darin Bushman tweeted in part “it won’t be long before you are required to do the Sieg Heil salute to Herbert.” The tweet is accompanied by a graphic of German youth doing the Nazi victory salute.

The governor will allow Salt Lake County and Summit County to implement a mask mandate, his office said on Thursday. The counties had to request the governor’s permission to implement such a health order, since it is stricter than what is currently ordered by the state.

Last week, Herbert allowed nine counties in rural Utah, including Piute County, to move to the lowest phase of the coronavirus risk health orders given their population density and smaller case counts.

Gov. Herbert moves 9 rural Utah counties to Green/’New Normal’ risk category

State Rep. Brian King (D-Salt Lake City) replied to the tweet calling it a “really bad take.”

Bushman’s tweet was quickly ratioed and flooded with replies condemning the sentiment he expressed.

“Commissioner, even if you vehemently disagree with requiring people to wear masks, and think it’s un-American to do so, it’s not remotely the same thing as Nazism,” stated Andrew Gruber, the executive director of the Wasatch Front Regional Council. “Making that comparison is a hurtful cheapening of the true horrors perpetrated by the Nazis. Please reconsider this.”

One Utahn replied to the thread telling Bushman how her grandfather fled Germany at 17. User @AshleySWeitz asked:

“Commissioner, my young child loves visiting your county. We are Utah Jews. Do you have any idea how harmful your words and imagery are? Do you care?”

She continued: “When my grandfather fled Germany at 17, he promised to send for his parents and younger brother. That never happened because they were murdered — we don’t know when or where, just that they were. Is a piece of cloth still feeling oppressive, Commissioner @darinbushman?”

Another Utahn even looped Bushman’s wife, a teacher, into the thread, asking her to “please bring your husband to a class of yours and maybe do a lesson on the Holocaust, or on cyber bullying, or on the term “resignation.”

More than 14,000 Twitter users follow Bushman’s account. Of the 34 replies to the tweet as of 10:02 p.m. Thursday, 2News could not find one in which a user supported the sentiment.