#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Social Media Code Of Conduct Issued For Gujarat Cops, Directs Personnel To Be Apolitical

Police personnel in Gujarat have been directed not to express their political views or indulge in any anti-government drive on social media under the “code of conduct” issued by Director General of Police, Shivanand Jha.

The strict guidelines were issued after an online campaign demanding pay hike of police personnel in the state evoked massive response on several social media platforms.

Police personnel are prohibited from publishing any material against the state under existing laws, however, this is for the first time that such a detailed code of conduct has been issued for them pertaining to the use of social media.

Three people have been booked in Gandhinagar for misleading police personnel to participate in a “violent agitation” for pay hike, the senior cop said on July 21.

People behind such online campaigns will be dealt with strictly as per law, he warned.

Police personnel should be apolitical and cannot be part of any groups or forums that are formed with any intention to agitate for a cause of a religion, caste, creed or sub-caste, the cop said.

An exception has been permitted for intelligence officers provided they have taken a prior permission of their seniors.

Any complaint regarding service matters should not be made on social media, the guidelines mentioned clearly, barring police personnel from expressing their personal views.

Policemen have also been advised not to make anything public on social media which is against the national interest or related to ongoing investigations or future operations, the conduct mentioned.

If a policeman is using social media for private purpose then he will have to clarify that he is doing so in his personal capacity and not as a personnel of Gujarat police department, it said.

The code of conduct also directs police personnel and officers to use decent language on social media and not to resort to cyber bullying or to harass people.

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