#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Toowoomba mum jailed over Facebook and text message abuse

IN THE space of four days a Toowoomba mum sent more than 80 abusive messages to the father of her child.

When she failed to the get the response she wanted the 19-year-old took to Facebook in the lengthy and hate-filled rant.

The Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard yesterday the torrent of abuse came about a month after the woman was paroled from a 15 month jail term for domestic violence offences that included assault occasioning bodily harm.

Police Prosecutor Natalie Bugden said the messages started when the woman contacted her former partner demanding to see their son, who he has full custody of.

Sgt Bugden said the abuse escalated as the woman called the aggrieved a “maggot and a germ.” 

“She sent two germ emojis with the words, ‘You make me sick I can’t believe I had a kid with you,’ followed by a vomit emoji,” Sgt Bugden said.

“The defendant then sent another 10 text messages in one hit consisting of 16 vomit emojis, two germ emojis and the words, ‘That’s cause you’re a germ’.”

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