#cyberbullying | #cyberbully | Vanitha Vijaykumar reacts strongly to cyber bullying; says ‘I could harm myself out of depression and frustration’

Vanitha Vijaykumar of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 fame chose to hit back at cyber bullies in her latest social media post.

She took to Twitter to share a note in which she asks miscreants to refrain from cyber bullying as ‘it can cost someone’s life’. Vanitha added that she could even harm herself out of ‘depression and frustration’.

She tweeted: #CyberAttack #cyberbullying #harassment #Suicide_is_not_solution #SuicidePrevention #stopsocialmediabullying (sic)

Her note read, “To all those who know nothing about what really happened and are finding so much joy in targeting me. You first have to realize it is also against the law and inhuman to harass someone and put nasty hurtful and vulgar comments…
#Cyberbullying is not a joke…it can cost someone’s life. If I took what you people are trying to do to me seriously I could harm myself out of depression and frustration. That will make you all murderers. Think before you do this to anyone. It isn’t right. If I have really committed a crime or done something wrong, the law isn’t going to spare me. I believe god is watching. I am answerable only to him and my conscience. I am clear. You people know nothing close to truth. Writing all this filth doesn’t show who I am but definitely shows who you are (Sic)”

Vanitha got married to Peter Paul on June 27. Paul’s wife Elizabeth Helen subsequently filed a police complaint on June 28 alleging that he married Vanitha without divorcing her. Vanitha has been facing online abuse ever since the incident.

On the work front, Vanitha judged the show Kalakka Povadhu Yaaru. She has featured in shows like Chandralekha (as herself) and Galatta Sirippu (as Vasuki). She has won the cookery show Cooku With Comalis and became a household name with her stint in Bigg Boss Tamil 3.

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