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Sonakshi Sinha has always been vocal on online abuse and how to keep social media a safe place for everyone. Recently she was subjected to extreme negativity and the actress took the initiative to launch a campaign called Ab Bas spreading awareness on cybersecurity, the adverse effects of online harassment, and legal options to punish the perpetrators.

The actress has even urged all to refrain from any sort of harassment, but despite several appeals, there were some keyboard hypocrites who continued to abuse and threaten her.

The ‘Dabangg’ actress recently uploaded a video on Instagram with eminent personalities as the panelist discussing the consequences of bullying. Sonakshi who recently deactivated her Twitter account can be seen speaking to other panelists including Ms. Sutapa Sanyal, Ex-DG, Uttar Pradesh police, Ms. Swati Lakra, Addl DGP Women Safety, Telangana, Dr. Anjana Kovacs, Director Internet Democratic society, on issues like people getting away easily with cyberbullying. The panelists also discuss whether there’s an easy way for those who fall prey to cyberbullying to get justice.

Captioning the video, Sonakshi further wrote: Being a woman, your dignity is most important, and that unfortunately is being used against us online! As we struggle for safety of women both on the web and in real life, it’s time that we stand together against harassment, abuse and crime, kyuki #AbBas”

Check out the video here:

The campaign ‘Ab Bas’ works on creating awareness about cyber-bullying, online harassment, trolling, body shaming, among others that have become a menace these days.

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