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Love Island USA contestant Mercades Danielle was cyber-bullied after the show. Now, she is using her platform to raise awareness about mental health.

Love Island USA contestant Mercades Danielle was cyber-bullied following the show. Now, she is using her platform to help raise awareness about mental health.

The 26-year-old social media influencer entered season 2 as part of the Casa Amor challenge, where Mercedes and four other women were sent into the villa to mingle with the already coupled Love Island men. However, these new members of the cast were privy to the couples in the house as they watched the season unfold in real time. Mercedes and original islander Johnny hit it off right away surprising viewers and cast members, as Johnny was paired with fan-favorite Cely from the start. This did not go well for Mercedes, as Johnny recommitted to Cely, and Mercedes was sent home. After the show, Mercedes said she was cyber-bullied by Love Island fans—particularly those who liked Johnny and Cely together. “It’s hard coming out of this and the internet hating you in every way possible. It sucks coming out and hearing I’m a homewrecker or ‘go kill yourself’,” Mercades said in an interview via YouTube channel After The Island. She also posted on Instagram that producers didn’t give her a fair edit, writing: Hello cuties, I’m back. I just want to take this time and say I’m so grateful to get this opportunity, granted I wasn’t portrayed in the best way BUT I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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The Los Angeles native has a strong social media presence with 224,000 followers across Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube. She recently posted on Instagram in honor of World Mental Health Day and opened up about dark times following the showIt was an impressive use of her platform and a good way to remind Love Island viewers of the people behind the show’s outrageous personalities.

It also looks like the reality star is taking her own advice and reaching out to friends per a recently posted photo of herself on the beach in San Diego with some fellow Love Island USA contestants. Season 2’s Mike Jenkerson, Jalen Noble, GiNiele Reitzell, and Pat Albasha, as well as season 1 contestant George Johnson were all in attendance with Mercades for Mike’s birthday. Selfies paired with inspirational messages are still the norm for Mercades on Instagram, and she’s also finding time to enjoy the fall weather, posting a picture at a pumpkin patch and tagging the “spooky season.”

Despite the bullying and death threats Mercades received following the wrap of Love Island USA, she continues to update on social media and still wants to connect with her 61.9k followers on Instagram, often posing questions about goals and mental health. That is something no one should hate on, regardless of their feelings toward Mercades and her portrayal on the show.

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Sources: Mercades Danielle/Instagram, After The Island


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