Dad accused of picking daughter up from school with drugs, guns

Police said a Beaver County man was on his way to pick up his kids from school when he was arrested with drugs, guns and a large amount of cash.

Officers arrested Darryl Dixon on school property Wednesday afternoon just as students were going home for the day here at Highland Elementary in Harmony Township.

“He had a gun in his pocket and $8,000 in cash on him,” said Harmony Township police Officer Jason Vular.

Police said Dixon on his way to pick up his two Young kids at the stopped first to do a drug deal… people noticed suspicious behavior and called 911. The incident happened as students were leaving for the day, so dismissal was delayed.

“We called the school, kept the kids inside, alerted parents there was going to be a delay because of this incident,” Vular said.

Once Dixon was in custody, police went to his house, where they found body armor and drugs.

Police said they seized one gun from Dixon’s person and seven more — two which were stolen — at his house. Dixon is a felon who is not allowed to have a gun because of a 2004 armed robbery conviction.

Officers said their quick action getting him off school property was crucial. Police called the mother of Dixon’s children, who came to the school to pick up their children.