Dad Shares Powerful Message Against Embarrassing Young Kids Online

social19n-3-webHurting a child’s self-esteem and harassing them in front of their peers or on the Internet has somehow become an Internet trend where parents fail to identify the line between discipline and bullying, and go to great lengths in order to teach their misbehaving child a “lesson.”

In fact, these generally well-meaning parents share their awful ways of parentingwith the rest of the world solely to draw attention toward their disciplinary skills – and toward themselves – without realizing the adverse affect it might have on the kids.

It seems like a large number of parents are unable to comprehend the seriousness of this disturbing trend. However, a young dad who is appalled by this rising trend and has had enough of it is trying to make a difference by telling people how wrong it is to public shame young kids online.

The video posted above shows a father disciplining his kid after he misbehaves with him. Though instead of humiliating him in front of the camera, he takes a different approach and uses the opportunity to show people the right way of parenting.

“I won’t ever in my life, ever, humiliate my own DNA on a social media network,” the father says to the camera. “I’ve seen a lot of parents do that and it actually made me cry. Humiliation can cause suicide and depression. Come on, I’m 26 and I know better than that.”

The man also understands that his video might offend some people, though he believes, “The people that might get mad with this video is the people that probably already embarrassed their child.”

He also presses on the other, less violent, ways to discipline a kid. For instance, taking away an important thing – like a mobile phone or a laptop – for a short amount of time is enough of a punishment.

Source: Carbonated TV