Dallas ISD: Skyline Grad Soars As Career Institute Instructor | #coronavirus | #kids. | #children | #schools

October 26, 2020

Adrian Garcia’s love of flying and airplanes fully took off while enrolled in Skyline High School’s aviation pathway.

After high school, he got his bachelor’s degree in aviation management and pilot’s license–racking up more than 100 flying hours–and embraced a love of flying drones, starting his own business in aerial photography/videography. He joined Brookhaven College as an instructor to help build their drone aviation program, and when he heard about an opportunity teaching aviation at one of Dallas ISD’s new career institutes, he jumped on board.

“I love getting to spread my knowledge as a teacher; it’s a fulfilling career,” Garcia said. “Drones are used in so many career fields, I’m getting to educate people who come from different career backgrounds and educating them in my background which is aviation and drones.”

Garcia is especially passionate about teaching students how to fly airplanes and drones since he expects that to be a growing industry with companies such as Amazon and Walmart eyeing drone delivery. Bell Flight is also expecting to launch air taxis in 2023 with Dallas being one of the first locations.

“This is an opportunity for students to get a leg up on a successful future in a growing field,” he said.

The district’s three career institutes offer industry-standard training and career and technical education in eight diverse pathways: interior design, aviation, HVAC and cybersecurity, among others. Go here to learn more.

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