Dangerous Two County High Speed Chase Begins in San Angelo | #College. | #Students

SAN ANGELO, TX – Law enforcement authorities from multiple agencies were involved in a high speed chase that started in San Angelo Friday afternoon, looped through Coke county and then back into San Angelo. 

According to communications, San Angelo Police and Tom Green County Sheriff’s deputies were joined by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers in the chase. 

Just after 3 p.m. a call went out for a stolen vehicle, a 2018 orange Toyota Tundra in downtown San Angelo.  A chase ensued with San Angelo Police according to radio communications. 

A vehicle matching the description was spotted in a downtown parking lot but it turned out to be the wrong vehicle. 

A short time later, law enforcement officers began a chase northbound on U.S. 277 toward Bronte.  Several units were involved according to communications traffic.  The vehicle was weaving in and out of traffic at speeds over 100 mph.  

The chase continued into Coke county where deputies there joined the pursuing units. 

According to live reports, the vehicle turned around and headed southbound on US-277.  Reports indicate the suspects in the vehicle were armed and dangerous. When the suspect vehicle crossed the Coke – Tom Green County line headed south, the Coke county units discontinued their pursuit. 

The chase continued at high speeds with law enforcement officers attempting to use spike strips to disable the stolen Tundra. 

Communications indicate the stolen vehicle ran through the construction zone by Howard College back into San Angelo at a very high rate of speed.  Somewhere along the way, the driver and passenger of the suspect vehicle switched places. 

At one point, one pursuing law enforcement vehicle was disabled with flat tires. 

The Tundra took the access road and blasted through the intersection with Smith Blvd. and then ran over the rail road tracks then somehow turned south onto Bell St. according to reports. 

Tom Green County deputies and DPS troopers were joined by San Angelo Police. 

The  vehicle chase ended on an east San Angelo street where SAPD officers set up a perimeter and the chase continued on foot.   

Communications. seem to indicate at least one of the suspects entered an apartment complex.

The suspects were described as armed and dangerous.  They were observed throwing items out of the vehicle during the pursuit.  The suspects were described as a man and a woman. 

There is no more information available on the high speed chase at this time.  

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