‘My daughter was bashed’: Gladstone mum’s cry for help

A GLADSTONE mum’s heartfelt Facebook post has done the rounds on social media, after going into detail about the mental and physical effects bullying has had on her daughter.

The mother goes into detail about her daughter’s experience with bullying at a Gladstone school, which she says was so “mentally draining” that it caused her daughter self-harm.

As a result, she underwent counselingfor a year, with many parent-teacher meetings, the mother wrote on Facebook.

But still, nothing was done.

“My daughter was bashed on her way home from school, there was graffiti at school about her including telling her to end her life,” the post read.

“These bullies (were) walking up to her in between class time and barging her and hurting her.

“My daughter would report this straight to the principal but nothing ever got done because the bullies wouldn’t own up to it and there (were) no witnesses to prove what they were doing.”

It got to the point where the girl couldn’t make the walk home from school, as the bullies would wait for her to try and “bash and scare her” the post read.

The post states that “numerous” complaints were made to the police however “nothing could be done” as the kids involved were all minors.

Despite this, with the comings of a new year and the start of Year 9 for her daughter, the mother said her family was hoping things would turn around.

“We were excited for the year for my girl to shine and do really well as last year her marks dropped dramatically because of so much bullying going on,” she said.

“… She started her (first) day.

“it was good she met all of her new teachers and had already good day.

“I was so happy to hear that when she got home.”

But things quickly turned sour on day two, and the bullies were back up to their antics, asking the girl to fight them, the post read.

“My daughter went straight to the office to the year coordinator to tell him and he was busy … Like most of the time they are busy.

“So my daughter came home so upset saying she doesn’t want to go back she has had enough and can’t take it ANYMORE.”

This was a turning point, the mother wrote, and said she and her husband couldn’t handle another year watching their daughter go through it.

“So we decided to maybe we change her schools as we fought so hard with everything we had last year to stop this,” she said.

But this didn’t come without complications, and after many confusing meetings and phone calls, the family was told that “bully wasn’t enough” to change schools,” the post claims.

The mother said her family lives out of the Government school zone that was required to send their daughter to a new school.

Government schools are separated into zones (or districts) and many require students to live in the local catchment area in order to be granted a place.

“Can’t someone help?” she wrote.

“All we want is our daughter to be happy.

“Why do we have to fight so hard to have that?”

The daughter is currently out of school, the mother wrote, and would only go back if she could get into a new school.

“There’s much more that I haven’t written that happened to my daughter through this horrible bullying,” she wrote.

“Private school is out of our options as it is out of our budget.

“Bullying sucks, I want my daughter happy, education is important.”

The Observer has contacted the mother (writer of the Facebook post).