Daughter strange behavior, parenting advice from Care and Feeding. | #parenting

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Dear Care and Feeding,

My ex-husband and I split on amicable terms two years ago, and I have sole custody of my daughter, who is five years old. He lives in another state, while I reside with my mother who helps me with raising my daughter. He visits as often as he can when he has days off.

My daughter’s developed a behavior I need help understanding: For the past couple of months, any time we’re on a video call with my ex-husband, she turns away from the camera and completely avoids talking to him. We always disable any possible distractions, such as TV shows or games on the tablet so that she can give him her full focus, but I don’t think she’s acting out of frustration about the electronics. If I’m being honest, I think she’s upset that he’s not in our life anymore. I want to help her process her emotions as she is very little and is experiencing big feelings she can’t explain. How do I help my daughter talk about how she feels, and how do I explain how she feels to my ex-husband?

—Helpless Mom in Harvest

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