David Cody Hudson ((The Choking Game))

http://www.david-cody-hudson.memory-of.com David Cody 1995-2007 Who died from a game called the Choking Game.Tell kids not to play it cause It can kill you l…


22 thoughts on “David Cody Hudson ((The Choking Game))

  1. joshua bjorklund

    7 years,wow things have changed since then.You helped me find out who I
    really was made of man.I remember the fun times we had.Over the years I
    have changed in hoping to one day be as great as a human being as you were
    buddy.I will never forget the memories we have shared.I love you

  2. Larry Brieger

    so very tragic I saw a P/U Truck with a flyer on the tailgate … I used to
    pay this game myself as a kid… fortunatly none of us succumbed to the
    tragedy you had happen… I type this with tears in my eyes, what a
    beautiful child.. I’m so very sorry for your loss… My whole world
    revolves around my boy…. Wow… Please continue to spread the word about
    this game…

  3. GuitarGuy352

    I feel awful every time I think about this. I grew up with David Cody
    Hutson I went to school with him. =/ R.I.P. David

  4. iiScreamTheTruth

    Im His Cousin, And I Really Want You To Know Something (: The Douches That
    Brought It Up To Him Were His Gay Ass Fucking Friends. They Called Him
    Horrid Names. He Had To Stand Up To Them To Prove That He Was Tough Enough
    To Withstand All Their Shit. I Dunno About You, But Your A Fucking Idiot
    Yourself. Now Go Jack Off To Barney, Why Don’t You? And Leave Myy Family
    Alone (:

  5. Jigsaw662

    He didn’t just kill cute supple little David Cody, but quite a few others
    died due to this game… I dont feel sorry for them , its only their
    stupidity that brought this result upon themselves..fucking idiots now
    their parents have to live with this because their children were to thick
    to realise that playing this “game” is actually life threatening. Like,
    seriousbree what the fuck did they think would happen out of this game??
    Dumb fucks all of them R.I.P Douche Bags

  6. Korgan41597111596

    @bensicool22 please do not EVER play this game again. One of my friends
    died from this game 1 month ago, and now everyone is stuck in a horrible
    nightmare. We all miss her SO much. so pleaseeee do not play this game ever
    again. I wouldnt want any human being to go through the greif we all are
    now. and NOBODY deserves to die from something like this.

  7. I'm nachocheese.

    @siakiserious23 dude you get a little high when you do this. I did it today
    and I fell on my head -.-