Daycare Teacher Charged After Shocking Video Shows Him Shoving Little Girl to Ground | #teacher | #children | #kids

A former employee of Wilde Kingdom Early Learning Center—located just outside of Cincinnati—has been charged with assaulting a little girl after shocking video footage showed him pushing her to the ground.

James Ciolino was singing a song to a group of pre-schoolers in June, when the little girl reportedly left the room and somehow wandered into another class. The teacher of the other class, Jennifer Miller, is seen in the video bringing the girl—who appears to be Black—back to class, at which point Ciolino pushes her over onto the floor. The little girl starts to cry as Miller walks away.

The director of the center fired both teachers and filed charges against them. Ciolino has been charged with child endangerment and assault, while Miller has been charged with child endangerment.

“The video itself has all the truth it needs in it,” the director said. “So as soon as you watch that or as soon as you see that, you know immediately what has to be done.”

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