Dead Island – STRANGER DANGER!!! OMG!!



25 thoughts on “Dead Island – STRANGER DANGER!!! OMG!!

  1. twoinone21

    I had the same amount of health as Justine when i was playing at this part
    and i threw my knife at the propane tank flew off the roof and landed in my
    truck. I had leveled up like two seconds before i hit the ground or i
    would’ve died.

  2. 1nterwebs

    This game is really long I just got into the city and it feels like it has
    taken me days on non-stop playing ..

  3. Aaron Betts

    It was back in the gas station place. Remember you were like “I don’t feel
    like turning this one off”

  4. Jason Deschain

    LoL, quote of the video goes to: “Be a champion, be true to yourself!
    ……kill everyone.” =P Also, kicking the ones that rush at you will stop
    their momentum and save you from the initial flurry.

  5. eugene8910

    @liamallsome i agree Australians dont sound British i,m from South Africa
    (i,m white for all you racist bastards) and i have lived in Australia for 2
    and a half years now and it sounds nothing like British accents.

  6. PunkRockFreak09

    Justine…did you know when you were battling the thug you could have
    activated your fury? It so just happens to be that Purna’s fury is you
    receive a rapid fire pistol…that would have solved the thug issue.

  7. Marco Godawatta

    She’s still way ahead of Toby, admittedly without the humor… It’s all
    about compensation