Deadly Teen Choking Game

Some teens are playing a dangerous game that involved asphyxiation until the recipient receives a euphoric feeling.


25 thoughts on “Deadly Teen Choking Game

  1. ErkalPie

    I had a friend last year die of this… And I think this is just wrong to
    do… If any of you play this awful game, please stop. I pray for all who
    have lost a family mate, or a friend from this, and wish the best.

  2. KickTheBaby102

    You don’t have to have someone else choke you. If you really want to do it
    just choke yourself for a short amount of time. OR you can NOT BE A RETARD

  3. Darrius Scott

    WTF she talking about brief high lol she doesnt know what shes talking
    about….your brain doesnt get enough oxygen thats not a high

  4. chrisgast

    Is this why kids are getting more and more stupid? Choking yourself or
    someone else choking you is completely retarded. What if they do this to
    you, and they freeze up scared because you’re not waking up? Your life (and
    someone else’s life) is on the line. Whether it’s death or prison, you
    don’t want either. I’m surprised I have to say that.

  5. Dakota Sharie

    why would someone do this to themselves. this is so stupid! people are
    dying form this game. i just heard about this today in class because one of
    my classmates did it.

  6. smkbud722

    It doesn’t get you high it just makes you past out for like 5 seconds but
    it feels like you were asleep for hours.