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As we get closer to the first day of classes in August, school districts are asking families their intentions. Will their children come to school, or stick with online learning? Parents have many questions about what they might expect. Details matter before they want to commit. Read on for that and more Florida education news.  

If students return to school, the marching band is going to want to play.  Will it be safe while combating an airborne virus? The spit studies should offer some insights. 

Lots of parents say they don’t feel comfortable sending their kids back without mandatory masks. Many others disagree. Which way will the districts go? The pressure is on. 

Some are starting with adults on campus. That’s a new rule in Martin County, where a decision hasn’t been reached for students, TC Palm reports. 

Miami-Dade County schools have offered parents four options for classes. The plans keep shifting as the coronavirus keeps spiking, the Miami Herald reports. 

How about just staying home a while longer? The Palm Beach County teachers union says reopening should wait until COVID-19 recedes, the Palm Beach Post reports. • Brevard County parents are split on the issue as cases rise, Florida Today reports. • In Palm Beach, Hispanic and Black parents are much more reluctant than others to send their kids back, the Palm Beach Post reports. 

It’s been a record-breaking week, after all. The biggest gains came among young people. And they can spread the illness, even if asymptomatic. 

Kirtland Holovatick receives her diploma on stage wearing a custom class of 2020 face mask. Seniors of Clearwater Central Catholic High School participated in a social distancing graduation for its 138 graduates. Volusia County will have mask-optional ceremonies in July. [LUIS SANTANA | Times]

No handshakes, no hugs. Masks will be optional at Volusia County’s in-person graduation celebrations, still set for early July, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. 

‘Take it off for this song.’ A priest leading graduation for a private religious school in Miami asks everyone to remove their masks to sing in prayer. Then the school deletes that part from the graduation video, the Miami Herald reports. 

The governor’s pay plan sounds good. Citrus County school district leaders say they’ll need to find $4.2 million to make good on the $47,500 minimum salary, the Citrus County Chronicle reports. • Many districts expect to fall short of the target, Florida Phoenix reports. 

School districts across Florida are committing to improved racial sensitivity. The Marion County School Board says it wants to provide more training for teachers, the Ocala Star-Banner reports. 

They’re also looking at changing the names of schools that carry racist implications. Like South Plantation High in Broward County, the Sun-Sentinel reports. 

Before you go … If schools do mandate masks, many people have raised pointed questions about just how much time teachers will have to spend dealing with mask problems rather than math problems. This teacher from DeBary put together a 10-second TikTok video illustrating just some of the responses that she’s likely to encounter in class. She’s not wrong, is she?

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