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Dear Neighbors:
How are you?

These are my thoughts this week.

In the last Presidential debate on Thursday, October22, the candidates spoke a great deal about the effects of COVID in our communities. COVID has devastated our communities. The debate showed us how unprepared the administration is to solve COVID. It still doesn’t have a plan to solve the crisis. People have lost their jobs. They can’t pay their bills. There is the likeness they will lose their homes if the same conditions continue. Socially, people have been affected deeply by COVID. We are forced to stay inside and change our routine. Many children are staying home and learning from home. Parents are doing double duty, working and teaching their children. The elderly have suffered the most, forced into isolation. Many have died. Whole cities have shut down. As we enter the 10th month of the pandemic, I am reflecting on the debate and the inability to solve the issue. There is no stimulus bill passed by the government. I have resolved that it is up to us to contain this pandemic until a vaccine is discovered. We have to be the ones who protect ourselves. We must wear the mask, keep the social distance, wash our hands, clean everything that needs cleaning. Stay healthy. Stay strong. When people follow directions, things work better. There is evidence that if people wear masks and keep social distance they are much less likely to get COVID. Fewer people will die. There are many organizations in our communities helping us. They are stepping in to help us. If you need to, ask for help or if you can help out. That is what make us a community. We need to come out to help one another. Nobody is coming to save us. We have to save ourselves. The future is up to us.

We are still in the COVID -19 pandemic. We have to win this fight.
Continue to wear a mask and keep social distance when outside. Stay indoors as much as you can. Wash your hands often. Do exercises. Drink plenty of liquids. Eat healthy.

There is free walk-in testing for COVID-19 at 1223 Coney Island Avenue, just north of Avenue I. Open 7 days a week. Run by NYC Health and Hospitals through Gotham Health of East New York.

I continue to thank all the essential workers who are helping us to get through this crisis.

Volunteer to Support Others:

Vote it is very important

I am asking for your financial support now. Please make a $ donation. It will help me a great deal. I need yout to contribute to my campaign. Any amount counts.

Thank to you your support.

If you can support my campaign. Contribute to my campaign. Every $$ counts.

Make a donation , volunteer, contact me.
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Stay safe and healthy.

Thank you

Cecilia Cortez
NYC Council Candidate
District 40 2021

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