Death By Choking

People are living longer these days but in the world of reapers, the competition has become stiff. Watch our other hilarious “Death by” video!: http://www.yo…

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25 thoughts on “Death By Choking

  1. Julika7

    @DeathnoteBB It’s not a secret, he mentions his name every now and then and
    his second channel is named jp.

  2. Steve Brent

    That happened to my brother while my mom was driving us. She noticed,
    pulled over dangerously fast, and before she could do anything, I performed
    Heimlich maneuver. My mom was like, “… Well ok then,” and we shortly
    started on our way after checking him out. I was five and he was four at
    them time.

  3. oglesbysamalex

    So there are killers behind him and he’s choking and he doesn’t realize
    that the killers are behind him WHILE he is choking.Stupid………

  4. Michael T. S.

    Thumbs up if you think I’m an idiot for asking for thumbs if you came here
    because of MysteryGuitarMan. What.