DeKalb teacher runs four miles every four hours for two straight days to raise $2,200 for a local food bank | #teacher | #children | #kids

DEKALB (WREX) — Barb’s Food Mart has fed families in need in the DeKalb school district over the last seven years, but manager Joey Moore says the need has spiked since COVID-19 hit this time last year.

“The need for us has exploded,” Moore said. “I was just going through my Facebook memories and that first week we served 156 families.”

However, that need hasn’t gone away a year after the first cases came to the area according to Moore.

“In the beginning we had all this energy,” Moore said. “We’re here, we’re going to solve this immediate problem, and what we’re seeing in our community is that this isn’t an emergency, this is an ongoing need.”

One that Huntly Middle School teacher Jennifer Harrison wanted to meet. A friend brought up a challenge people were doing across the country to raise money for charities. Those who accept the challenge run four miles every four hours for 48 straight hours and people can pledge money per mile or the challenge as a whole. Harrison though wanted to push that even further.

“Stupidly when I started at 10pm on Friday night, I thought four miles isn’t that much, I should challenge myself to do five,” Harrison said.

She powered though all 60 miles and raised $2,200 for the Barb Food Mart.

Harrison says her inspiration to power through the challenge came from seeing so many families at her school come to lunch giveaways during the pandemic.

“I was handing out lunches during the lunchtime hour when parents would come up and get the grab-and-go lunches, and there were so many families,” Harrison said. “I wanted to pick a charity that would go back to my hometown and kids.”

Moore says the money bought a whole truck of food and two weeks of fresh milk for families.

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