Delhi Corona Update: In fight against Covid, IIT-Delhi develops face masks with eye cover | Delhi News | #students | #parents

NEW DELHI: Continuing their fight against Covid-19, students of IIT-Delhi have developed a special face mask with an eye cover, which will help avoid contraction of the virus through the eyes.
Prepared at the IIT incubation centre, the masks, which can be reused regularly, are designed for the safety of the people from the viral infection.
The IIT-Delhi supported start-up, DeCovify, has developed these personal preventive products to fight the virus. “Covid-19 has two major modes of transmission – through droplets suspended in air, and droplets spreading through surfaces – which makes it highly contagious,” said Manya Aggarwal, IIT-D student.
Aggarwa said their mask, “Visage”, came with an attached visor for the eyes. “It is a lightweight cotton ply mask with a filter, which allows airflow, but also captures pathogens. The visor is designed in a way that it avoids fogging,” she said
The other item developed by the students is CovRing, a ring with a curved arc of rubber to provide friction for opening doors and using ATMs. “It is also self-sanitising and has a sponge in its case where you can sanitise it.”

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