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Dennis Larkins charged in 2011 child abuse

Dennis Larkins

Dennis W. Larkins ofCHEYENNE has been charged with a single count of physical child abuse that dates back to 2011.

Larkins, 49, is the husband of Emily J. Larkins, who was charged with multiple counts of child abuse earlier this year.

Emily Larkins, 48, was serving as chairwoman of Community Action of Laramie County’s Board of Directors at the time of her arrest in late July, but she no longer holds that position.

Community Action is a local nonprofit that helps low-income families through services such as the Head Start child development program.

The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reported at the time of Emily Larkins’ arrest that Dennis Larkins was arrested in January 2011 on suspicion of felony simply physical child abuse. But neither Laramie County Circuit Court nor Laramie County District Court had records of him ever facing charges for that alleged offense.

Charging documents filed against Dennis Larkins on Tuesday accuse him of intentionally or recklessly injuring a child born in 1994.

The alleged incident is said to have happened on Jan. 13, 2011.

Documents say a teenager Dennis Larkins often cared for reported to a school nurse that Dennis Larkins made him hold an upward pushup position for a certain amount of time as a punishment for arguing with another child.

The teen reportedly couldn’t hold the position for the required time, so Dennis Larkins allegedly pulled the boy’s arms behind his back and hit him on the back of his head, causing visible bruising behind the boy’s right ear.

Documents say the boy also suffered bruising on his right temple and multiple scratches on his back.

The boy reported that Dennis Larkins hit him with a belt on his right thigh after pulling him up by his arm, but no marks were observed on him from the belt.

In an interview with a detective at the nurse’s office, the teen said Dennis Larkins told him to assume the upward pushup position for 16 minutes, because of the boy’s age.

A shoulder injury prevented the teen from completing the punishment, he told the detective.

Documents say the boy’s mother told the detective in an interview that she gave Dennis Larkins permission to discipline the boy and use a belt, if necessary.

The boy’s mother also reportedly told the detective she was present when Dennis Larkins made the boy go into the pushup position and denied witnessing any physical contact between the two.

Documents say a Cheyenne Police Department detective was re-assigned that investigation on Oct. 21 of this year.

The detective wrote in his affidavit of probable cause that after carefully reviewing documents collected in the case and speaking with the victim, he “(believes) that there is probable cause to move forward.”

When CPD opened a “similar abuse” case involving the Larkins household earlier this year, “the events in that case, such as the use of a belt, added additional credibility to the case in 2011,” documents say.

Charging documents filed against Emily Larkins accuse her of beating a 9-year-old boy with a backscratcher 10-12 times in April and strangling or choking him with a belt in August 2014.

She also allegedly choked or strangled a 6-year-old girl with a belt to the point she could not breathe sometime between Dec. 12, 2013, and Dec. 11, 2014.

And she allegedly mentally injured a teenager who witnessed the reported incidents.


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