Dentist in Greenwich Village Faces Charges of Willingly Spreading HIV

An undercover agent said Wolf used a projector to screen child porn inside the dental practice, before allegedly copying the files onto a flash drive for the agent. “Reportedly, Dr. Wolf” is HIV+ and a complaint was made against him for allegedly poking holes in condoms and then knowing and willfully attempted to transmit the virus to his sexual partners.

Wolf was investigated by authorities after the informant said that he was “actively involved” in underground bestiality sex parties.

Federal agents raided the office of a Manhattan dentist, where he is suspected of viewing and distributing child pornography.

Since his arrest, it has been revealed Wolf was a leading expert on dental practices and AIDS patients, even lecturing on the disease at NY University’s Dental School and at three national American Dental Association conventions.

Conversations where Wolf told the informants about parties in which people had sexual intercourse with animals were recorded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Dr John Wolf faces a number of other serious charges – including the possession of child pornography.

The dentist was finally caught out when, earlier this month, the dealer offered to introduce Wolf to his “roommate”, – who was in fact an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent.

Prosecutors say Wolf, 59, gave a flash drive of videos of children “as young as toddlers being raped by adult men” to the undercover agent.

Wolf is accused of providing “dental services to a drug dealer in exchange for methamphetamine”.

Apparently, Wolf is a well known dentist and HIV/AIDS Activist in Chelsea NY. “I think he’s vulnerable”, said Marc Agnifilo, Wolf’s attorney. Wolf was renting office space from Barton, and Wolf claimed Barton terminated his lease because he was treating people with H.I.V. It was considered the first AIDS discrimination case in NYC to go to public hearing, and Barton was fined $15K. The video above shows Wolf singing in the NY Gay Men’s Chorus in the 80s for an unreleased documentary.

Wolf was arrested Friday at his apartment in the West Village.