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Beaver, a Burke County native, put in applications at MDPS and several other departments. But as he went through the experience of meeting everyone at the department, he knew where he was meant to be.

“It felt right,” Beaver said. “I had applications in at several other agencies and actually had interviews lined up, and I ended up withdrawing from those processes as I went through the Morganton process itself because I felt so strongly about working here over somewhere else.”

He’s been able to dabble in a little bit of everything MDPS has to offer over the last decade: He’s worked as a field training officer, a detective, a community officer and now serves as a supervisor.

“It’s a very friendly place and we have a very supportive community, which some places in the country cannot necessarily say,” Beaver said. “I’m very proud of the people that we have here, the citizens we have here, that are able to support us. I think that’s really important for law enforcement, to have the support of the community.”

Capt. Jason Whisnant echoed Beaver’s thoughts about the Morganton community.

“My whole life I couldn’t imagine working or being any place else,” Whisnant said. “That the city had so much to offer, to me, I saw that through my dad and uncle who both retired from public safety.

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