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Details on Julian Rochester, Chad Clay’s arrest for BB gun and property damage

Georgia freshman defenders Julian Rochester and Chad Clay were arrested Monday night following an investigation conducted by university officers that found a BB gun and damage done to the shared dormitory, according to the police report.

In addition to the BB gun and related products, police also found drug-related paraphernalia on the premises.

While the arrest warrants weren’t executed until Monday, campus officers were notified that a BB gun in Rochester and Clay’s McWhorter Hall dorm room on April 7, after a structural maintenance foreman, there to fix a leaking toilet, notified authorities that he spotted one on a barstool at the residence during a repair. Two other witnesses corroborated the account.

In addition, several BBs were seen “lying on the floor of the hallway outside” of Rochester and Clay’s dorm room. Indentions the size on the wall adjacent to a neighboring room could be seen. The light diffuser in the hallway also had a BB lodged in it. Another BB was seen lodged in the drywall on the wall next to the neighboring room. BB-sized indentions were also made to the elevators on Rochester and Clay’s floor at McWhorter Hall, as a custodian told police that BBs had been cleaned from the premises recently.

After writing down witness statements, the officer on duty then secured a search warrant for “any handguns, BB guns, handgun ammunition to include standard ammunition, BB’s, pellets, or other projectiles that are commonly shot from handguns” to be executed in the common area of the dorm.

Damage was also done to the refrigerator, with a total estimate of $835-1,035 done to the property. The report states, however, that other potential damages weren’t included in that initial estimate. On the counter in the kitchen of the room were wine bottles struck with a “BB-sized projectile.”Empty liquor bottles that had BB-sized holes in their sides were also found.

After looking into Rochester’s room, an officer saw a package of Daisy BBs on a desktop. In Clay’s room, an officer could see the “barrel of another handgun.” Shortly after, another search warrant for the bedrooms was executed for the same items. Six CO2 cartridges were also recovered.

Police also state that a “cigar package with suspected marijuana” was found in Clay’s room. A glass bong with suspected marijuana remnants, a red grinder and a baggy of suspected marijuana shake were found in Clay’s bathroom. No charges on the marijuana shake were filed as police did not recover a sufficient amount to test.

Rochester and Clay both returned to their dorm during the police search but were not arrested at the time “due to the need for further investigation.”

Four days later, on Monday, UGA police executed a warrant for Rochester and Clay’s arrests on felony counts of possessing a weapon in a school zone and criminal damage.


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