Detectives take the stand in Sena child abuse case

Las Vegas — Metro detectives took the stand Wednesday revealing more about what officers are calling one of the most horrific child sex rings in recent memory in Las Vegas.Deborah Sena, her husband Christopher Sena and his ex-wife Terrie Sena are all accused of sexually abusing children for years.

The detectives testified about what they found on Christopher’s computers. They said he taped many of the sex acts with children. These videos were played in court just for the judge and the attorneys present.

Detectives also had to describe what they found on them. They say it shows various sex acts with kids.

One detective said Deborah told him of sex acts between her and children as young as three years old and that she felt forced to do the acts by her husband Christopher.

The detective also said she claimed she was verbally abused for years and that Christopher was blackmailing her with the photos and videos of her.

In a voluntary statement to police Deborah claimed her husband sent explicit photos of her to her place of employment and that she lived in fear of him.

In the videos, detectives say that Christopher ordered kids and Deborah to have sex with one another.

Deborah and her attorney rejected a plea deal, so the preliminary hearing is scheduled for Apr. 14.

Christopher’s ex-wife, Terrie Sena, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault earlier this month.

Court resumes Thursday at 1 p.m.