Devon student denies raping two teenage girls he met on Facebook


A Devon student has denied raping two girls who visited his bedsit after chatting on Facebook.

Student Chase Elliott allegedly forced both girls to have sex against their wills after pushing them onto his bed, Exeter Crown Court was told.

One of the women was just 15 at the time and the other 17 when she was allegedly attacked just a few weeks later.

Elliott, aged 21, was studying in Barnstaple and living on his own in a bedsit in the town when he started talking to the two girls on Facebook.

One sent him a message on the site accusing him of raping her the day after the incident, but did not go to the police until after the second girl was allegedly attacked in August 2013.

Elliott, of Sunflower Road, Barnstaple, denies rape and assault by penetration of the younger girl, who is now aged 16, and rape of the older girl, who is now 18.

The jury have been told he admits two counts of sexual activity with a child in relation to the 15-year-old. He says both girls consented to sex with him.

Mr Richard Crabb, prosecuting, said the two girls were friends and neither had gone to the police immediately after the incidents.

He said the first incident involved the 15-year-old who met Elliott outside the Fever nightclub in Barnstaple and exchanged messages on Facebook before she accepted an invitation to go to his bedsit.

She told police they had watched television and messed around but Elliott had then started pulling at her leggings and carried on despite her objections and her telling him she was a virgin.

Mr Crabb said he put her on the bed and started having sex and ignored her pleas to stop, saying ‘no, longer’. When he finished he refused to return her clothes and threw her a toilet roll to clean herself up.

He said:”The complainant told the police he was forceful and really aggressive and she told him to stop because he was hurting her.”

He said the second girl had discussed how far she would go with him sexually on Facebook but not agreed to anything and told him to stop when he climbed on top of her after she went to his bedsit.

She said she was so scared by his tone of voice that when he asked her if she wanted him to stop she said she did not know. He continued and later told her ‘I will stop being mean to you’.

Mr Crabb said:”By a combination of persistence and forcefulness, both physical and emotional, he ignored the reluctance and unwillingness of the two complainants to satisfy his sexual desires. He could not reasonably have believed either girl was consenting.”